Getting started

We have 4 meetings a week, all starting at 7pm in various parts of the city. Monday meeting is near Northgate Centre, Wednesday meeting near Jasper Ave, Thursday meeting is Northside and Friday is in Westmont Area. If you see a meeting that you would like to attend, please email/phone us and we will ’12 step’ you in. Each meeting varies in format and support (attendance), it is recommended to go to all of the meetings at least once to see which one resonates with you best.

Meetings are for the purpose of recovery from sex addiction and not for finding sexual partners. Also that Anonymity is highly regarded and respected in our meetings. In respect to the fellowship, its members and its traditions we will screen and interview all newcomers for this purpose.

However, please do not be discouraged to reach out if you think you have a problem, we are here to help. We understand the depths and struggles of sex addiction. Many of us have found recovery through working and practicing the 12 steps. Step 12 – carrying the message and practicing the principles is a vital part of our fellowship


Phone: (587) 921 4528